Get a Web Quote

Welcome to our Web Quote Page. Here is a brief description of how to use our web design quote system.

For CMS websites (non-eCommerce) check our web packages (Recommended).

Step 1: Define Website Type

Website Type

Type One: I have an existing web site. (0 Hours)
Type Two: I need a dynamic website with friendly dashboard. (Content Management site like Wordpress / Joomla). (3 Hours)
Type Three: I need a static website. (Completely custom hard-coded HTML site). (15 Hours)
For complete Ecommerce solutions or custom online script please contact us now 01925-262-333 (For large Businesses).

Business Addons (Ecommerce) For Type Two Only!

Simple shopping cart (7 Hours)
Credit Card Processing (25 Hours)
PayPal Processing (15 Hours)
Step 2: Website Template / Theme Design

Site Layout Design

I do not need any custom template. (0 Hours)
I will supply the full template (For Website Type Two, Content Management Systems like Wordpress / Joomla). (1 Hours)
UKByte Ready-Made template with minor customization. (4 Hours)
I will supply the template in PSD. (14 Hours)
I would like a fully customized template created for my site (Design & Code). (25 Hours)

Other Layout & Graphic Options

Responsive & Mobile Website (Works on all smart devices). (10 Hours)
I need one custom graphic banner made. (5 Hours)
I need a creative logo design. (5 Hours)
I need flyer design. (5 Hours)
Step 3: Website Content

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

MetaTag Keyword Optimization (4 Hours)
Search Engine Submission (3 Hours)
Major Link Building (12 Hours)
Press Release Submission (1 Hours)
Press Release Writing (4 Hours)
For SEO contract please contact us now 01925-262-333.


I will add my content with a content manager. (0 Hours)
I will supply pages of typed content(1000 Words a Page). (1 Hrs/Page)
I need pages of copy written (1000 Words a Page). (2 Hrs/Page)
Step 4: Extras

Public Features

Member Registration (4 Hours)
Discussion Forums (5 Hours)
RSS News Feeds (2 Hours)
Google Maps Integration (1 Hours)
Contact Form (1 Hours)
Links Page (1 Hours)
Site Search (2 Hours)
Email Auto-responders (1 Hours)
File Uploads (8 Hours)
Google Adsense Integration (1 Hours)

Social Media

Twitter Integration (2 Hours)
Facebook Page (1 Hours)
Facebook App (10 Hours)
Android iPhone App (12 Hours)